Our Story

Our Story

Shop Habb is an online retailer offering clothes made for every woman. We believe in providing effortless, fashionable styles that allow you to set your own trends and express your personality. We are obsessed with finding pieces that become “must haves” in your wardrobe. We encourage you to love what you wear but most importantly love yourself in it – because style is not defined by what you wear, but by how you wear it. 


Our Brand Name: A story of roots + love.

That rush of powerful emotions unlike any other can only be love. We feel it for all kinds of things and it shows up in all kinds of ways. And when it does – it’s unmistakable! 

When finding a name for our boutique it was important to incorporate roots + love. 

In Arabic, Habb is the general word for "love". You might recognize it as the root of Arabic terms of endearment habib and habibi or "my love," "beloved" or "most loved." 

We hope you’ll love to Shop Habb as much as we enjoy selecting styles for you. And we certainly hope you’ll love yourself a little more in our styles.

If you have any questions or comments find us on Instagram @shop_habb.