How to Style Casual Clothing: Tips & Go-To Outfits

While high heels and bodycon dresses are undeniably fun, sometimes a casual outfit has its merits. And despite popular belief, casual clothing doesn’t only refer to sweats and slides reserved for days lounging at home. In fact, laidback clothes have the potential to look ultra-chic.

However, if you take a look inside your closet and find you have no idea how to style your casual into a cute, confidence-inducing outfit, you’re not alone. Striking the right balance between laidback and fashion icon is a challenging feat. Fortunately, we can help!
Today, we’re sharing our tips on taking casual clothing and making it couture with some of our favorite Shop Habb pieces. 

1) Sleeveless Bodysuit + Jeans + Blazer

This formula is a must-know if you’re trying to master the casual-chic look. Simply take a neutral-colored bodysuit and tuck it into your favorite pair of denim jeans. Then, before heading out the door, shrug on a structured blazer to effortlessly elevate your outfit. Finish it off with flats or sneakers for an easygoing ensemble that still looks put together.

2) Dress + Sneakers
If you’re looking for the ultimate fuss-free outfit, look no further than the dress and sneakers combination. To achieve this charming and ultra-sweet look, style your dress (preferably one with a relaxed silhouette to reinforce the casual vibe) with a pair of white sneakers. To dress it up slightly, feel free to add a few jewelry pieces and a plain crossbody bag. Easy to recreate and incredibly fashionable, this outfit is sure to become a staple in your rotation.

3) White Tee + Skirt

Another foolproof way to utilize the casual pieces in your wardrobe is to pair a plain white tee with a skirt of any length - mini, midi, maxi. Then, simply tuck your t-shirt into your skirt or tie the hem of the tee into a knot for a more boho-chic look. We recommend optin for a skirt with unique touches or a textured feel if you want to take it to the next level. Then, slide on a pair of sandals, and you have yourself a cute, Instagram-worthy outfit that took seconds to style.

4) Graphic Tee + Leather Jacket
This combo is perfect for after-work drinks with the girls. Take your favorite graphic tee (bonus points if it’s visibly well-loved) and layer it under a leather jacket. If you want to lean into the edgy vibes, squeeze into some black boots and opt for silver jewelry. The result is a quick outfit that looks undeniably cool.

5) Leggings + Denim Jacket

Meet your new favorite outfit for running errands and meeting up with friends for coffee. For this uber-comfy look, style your leggings with an oversized denim jacket and a pair of sneakers. This outfit is so easy to replicate that you can do it half-asleep and remain confident that you will look effortlessly cute.
Styling casual outfits shouldn’t be a burden. Remember to stick to comfortable, flattering pieces of clothing and pair them with functional garments that play up the fashion factor. Once you get the hang of creating cute, relaxed looks, we guarantee you’ll be sporting them every chance you get and look damn good doing so.