Holiday Shopping Tips

Let's get real: Holiday shopping isn't as exciting for many. Choosing a thoughtful present for everyone on your list can be time-consuming and frustrating - even without the added pressure of, hopefully, staying within a budget. 

Whether you are the person who looks forward to mega holiday sales yearly or dread the thought of having to curate gifts, we have come up with an easy list of tips to help you get through the shopping season. 

1) Create your gift buying list 

Know exactly who you need gifts for before heading to the store or browsing online. Not only will it save you time — it’ll preserve your sanity (and your bank account). This includes family, friends, coworkers, Secret Santa, neighbors and one or two extra neutral gifts in case you happen to forget your long-lost cousin that happens to show up to a holiday party. 

2) Set your budget before you shop

Always have a budget in mind. This will help with not overspending on gifts while you shop. 

3) Determine when you are starting 

Knowing when you are going to shop is important because you do not want to get overwhelmed during the holidays. Starting earlier (weeks ahead) will help with spreading out the shopping versus getting overwhelmed when you are buying a lot at one time. 

4) Research the deals 

Take notes of when certain promotions or sales are happening and when the best times to buy are. Might be online. Might be in store. Outdoor patio furniture & BBQ grills and many spring/summer items are typically cheaper in the fall/winter months because demand is low. Now would be the time to buy your partner that grill they've been eyeing for some time. 

5) DIY Gifts 

You can never go wrong making a gift for anyone on your list. Not only will you save money, but it is also personal. 

6) Avoid Last Minute Shopping

Holiday shopping can be stressful enough on its own. But adding to it by waiting until the last minute to purchase gifts is probably not a good idea. The closer you get to the actual holiday, the greater the chance that availability and selection will be limited or not available at all, especially for “hot” items. And let's not forget inflated shipping cost if you need to send out gifts. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the holidays by shopping early. 

Some more suggestions

Take a look at some of our favorite neutral gift ideas - all under $50: 

Are you ready to shop during the busiest time of the year?

You've got this!